Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Q2, 2018


Windows, Linux, Mac

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Iratus: Lord of the Dead is an unorthodox, tactical dark fantasy roguelike developed by Unfrozen in St.Petersburg, Russia. Inspired by the setting and gameplay of Darkest Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper and Disciples, developers are breaking classic RPG stereotypes and encouraging players to stand by the dark side. The storyline is focused on a necromancer imprisoned in a dungeon centuries ago and is now striving to break free regardless of the cost. Player will have to improve the belowground lair, create undead minions from the body parts of the dead, make challenging decisions, and take part in intricate tactical fights where any mistake can mean defeat.


Development of Iratus: Lord of the Dead began in early 2016. The main inspiration for the game was “what if Dungeon Keeper met Darkest Dungeon”. The alpha prototype was completed in early 2017 and the first teaser video of planned gameplay was published. Originally, the game was planned with a more cartoony style to parody mobile RPGs. Further developments made the art design more stylized and highly-detailed with a dark fantasy aesthetic. Unfrozen is planning to launch a campaign on Kickstarter which will include a demo for backers and early access keys.


  • Develop and improve your belowground lair with necromantic powers.

  • Craft undead minions with the body parts of dead enemies.

  • Advanced fighting system: Know your enemies’ strong points and weak spots to achieve victory.

  • Turn-based battle system with up to 50 original minion’s talents.

  • Intelligent enemy AI, challenging even experienced RPG-strategists.

  • Three types of necromancer talents for gameplay: alchemy, magic talents, or tactical skills.

  • Raid into enemy territory full of danger and surprises.

  • Irreversible consequences. Classic roguelike features including character permadeath.

  • Detailed stylized 2D graphics in the spirit of dark fantasy.

  • Detailed skeletal animation made with Spine.

  • Designed by Oles Ivanchenko: Well-known videoblogger, RPG mechanics specialist, and the author of one of the most influential manuals for Darkest Dungeons.


First teaser: YouTube


Download all screenshots as .rar (4 mb)

Download logo files as .zip (3 mb)

About Unfrozen

Unfrozen is a small independent game studio based in St.Petersburg, Russia with members of the team working on a variety of game projects for the last 15 years. The studio is currently developing its first project: The dark fantasy tactical roguelike RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead.